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Cerro Bayo



Cerro Bayo ski resort has been the pride of the town of Villa La Angostura since it opened in 1978. Named after the mountain that it is on, Mount Bayo, Cerro Bayo ski resort is inside a beautiful natural landscape surrounded by forests and with a majestic view looking down and around Lake Nahuel Huapi.


The ski resort is 9 km and about a 15 minute drive from downtown Villa La Angostura and is 90 km and about a 1 hour drive from Bariloche.

Villa La Angostura was so named due to the narrowness (angostura) of the Quetrihué Peninsula, where it is nestled. It maintains the air, the harmony and peacefulness of a true mountain village. Its typical mountain and log architecture seduces visitors when it comes to choosing accommodation.


Over 3,000 beds are distributed along the shores of the main bays and in town to give you a variety of lodging options for every budget.  

To the Southeast of the Quetrihué Peninsula, lies a natural treasure of the Los Arrayanes National Park which is the main non skiing attraction in Villa La Angostura.


On the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, about 12 hectares concentrate magnificent giant myrtaceous bushes, best known as myrtles. From the mapuche term ketri, “myrtle” and hué, “site”, the forest of the peninsula has certain features that make it unique in the world: its specimens reach over 15 meters of height and 400 years of age.

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