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Restaurants in Bariloche




A beautiful rustic log building is the perfect place to share a meal with friends and family. Tarquino besides having argentinian parrillada with a wide variety of meats including beef, pork and lamb, has Patagonic cuisine from the author.

To accompany your meal Tarquino has an extense wine menu. This is one of the most architecturally interesting restaurants made out of carved wood design and having 2 trees that go right through the restaurant with a confortable feeling and very private enviroment.

Smoking and non smoking areas.
Tarquino hours of operation: 12:00hs till 15:00hs. / 20:00hs till 24:00hs.  

24 de Septiembre y Saavedra
Barrio Belgrano, Bariloche

Reservations: 02944-434774





San Martin San Martin 435
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations: 2944-42470224


Website: www.kandahar.com.ar


Amex only credit card accepted.



Familia Weiss Restaurant Montañes  


A perfect setting to share a great meal with family or friends, in calid place with a lake view and a rustic decor. Familia´s Weiss restaurant has an extense menu and offers one of the best smoked dishes of the area, regional dishes, parrillada, seafood, pastas, pastries and a lot more. With a kind attention and live shows every night.

Great place to get trout! Some of their dishes are: Shrimp brochette, Spaghetti with mushrooms sauce and Fondue bourgignone. Don't forget to try them!

Smoking and non smoking areas.
Hours of operation: 9:00am till 2:00am


Palacios 101
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-435789  


Website: www.weissrestaurant.com.ar






Hasta que llegue el tren  


In the old train station, a historical monument, you will find a

different restaurant with original Patagonic cuisine.

The infusion menu includes rabbits, fish, homemade pastas, with defined flavours. You will count with more that 200 hundred wines to choose from the menu, that you can choose and taste in their wine seller.

Some of the dishes are: Pacific Salmon, Ravioles filled with rucula and goat cheese, Stuffed chicken breast and Lamb brochette.

Hours and days of operation: Mondays to Saturdays from 20:00hs till 24:00hs


Avda. 12 de Octubre 2400
Estacion de Omnibus y Trenes, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-457200

Website: www.hastaquellegueeltren.com





Don Molina Asador Criollo  


Sourrended by a folk Argentinean decoration, you will find beef and lamb grilled in an open pit barbecue or you can enjoy regional dishes, empanadas or appetizer platters. Before or after the meal you can stop by at their exclusive wines bar Pura Cepa where you will be able to taste more than 200 wines of 80 different wineries from all the Argentinean regions and France, Spain and Australia.

Smoking and non smoking areas

Hours ofoperation:11:00am till 1:00am


San Martin 607
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-436616

Email: ,





Jauja besides having the classic Argentinean parrillada offers a wide variety of regional dishes; homemade pastas; fish and seafood.


Some of their special dishes are: Venison stew; Spaghetti with morillas; wild boar with leek sauce.
 and non smoking sections.



Quaglia 366
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-422952





Casita Suiza Inn Restaurant


Run by the owners, Casita Suiza is a nice restaurant decorated in a typical Swiss ambience where you will be able to taste typical dishes: Host stone, raclette, Venison stew, Cheese Fondue and homemade pastries.

Smoking and non smoking sections.

Hours of operation: 20:00hs till 23:30hs

Quaglia 342
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-426111 / 423775





Refugio del Montañes


In a Folk setting, el Refugio del Montañes offers parrillada with a wide variety of meats that you can accompany with french fries or salads. It`s kitchen has regional dishes too.

Hours of operation: 11:00 till 16:00, 19:00 till 24:00.  


Av. San Martin 590
4 Blocks from Down Town

Reservations:  02944-433252 429082

Website: www.laparrilladejulian.com



Dias de Zapata Mexican Restaurant


A typical mexican cantina where you can enjoy of mariachis music while you drink a margarita and choose a dish, from an extense menú. Their specialities are buffalo wings, tacos, nachos, fajitas, mole and chicken BBQ.

Hours of operation: 12:00 till 15:00,19:00 till 12:30

Smoking and non smoking areas.



Morales 362
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-423128



El Boliche de Alberto Parrilla


El Boliche de Alberto has more than 30 years of trajectory and it’s one of the most popular places to have "parrilada" in Bariloche chosen by tourists and locals too, the restaurant will provide you of a quiet family ambience and the best attention to have a typical "asado" accompanied by salads or french fries.

Smoking and non smoking sections.



Villegas 347 – Tel.: 02944-431433

Bustillo 8800 – Tel.: 02944-462285

Elflein 158 – Tel.: 02944-434564


Website: www.elbolichedealberto.com



Boliche de Alberto Parilla (new)


Similar to the old Boliche de Alberto Parilla, which is right around the corner, the new restaurant offers a fantastic selection of grilled meats on a friendly menu. Grilled in the middle of the dining room on a large parrilla, prime Argentine steaks and chops are served in generous portions. Salads and sides are available as well, but the meat at Boliche de Alberto Parilla is the draw.


The Boliche de Alberto Parillas are so good and reasonably priced that the two restaurants are within 400 yards of each other, and they both fill up. There are no reservations at Boliche de Alberto Parilla, but there is a waiting list on which you can call and ask to be included. Within the restaurant there are both smoking and non-smoking sections.

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted.

Boliche de Alberto Parilla is open daily from 12:15 pm – 3:00 pm and then from 8:00 pm – 12:00 pm.

Downtown, Bariloche





La Trattoria de la Famiglia


La Tratoria has becamed one of the most popular Italian restaurant in Bariloche, besides offering a wide variety of pastas with 23 different types of sauces, it`s kitchen offers NY steak, rabbit, trout and special pastas cooked with a Patagonic flavor.

Hours of operation: 12:00hs to 15:00hs, 20:00hs to 24:00hs


Moreno 238
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-421596  




La Marmite Restaurant and Case de Te


With a French ambience halfway down Mitre street La Marmite`s typical dishes are Cheese Fondue for two persons $43, Trout almandine $24, Ñoquis with mushrooms cream $19,50 and a wide variety of desserts, pastries and wines.

Times of operation: 12:00am till 12p.m.

Smoking and non smoking areas.


Mitre 329
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-423658  





El Boliche de Alberto Pastas


As "Parrila El boliche de Alberto", the pastas restaurant has the same goal: to give you the best attention and the most traditional pastas accompanied by delicious sauces.



Elflein 163
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-431084  

Website: www.elbolichedealberto.com



 La Argentina


With a country style, "La Argentina" besides having a wide variety of meats in it’s "parrillada" offers regional dishes, fondue, homemade pastas and a wide variety of salads. Their Cava has more than 150 wines to accompany your meal and make it even more special.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 22:00hs you can enjoy a live show of Tango and Folklore. Some of their dishes are: Parrillada for two persons, Wild boar with local mushrooms, Fondue La Argentina.

Smoking and non smoking areas

Hours of operation: 11:30am till 15:30pm and 20:00pm till 1:00am

Palacios 127
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-433035  






Quve Wine Bar and Restaurant


The author`s cuisine offers international and regional dishes, sushi and innovating desserts. On Sundays toy can enjoy of tango live shows and accompany your meal with wines from exclusive wineries.

Times of operation: 18:00hs. till 1:00am


Av. San Martin 570
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations:  02944-436003



Cafe del Pueblo


With nice antique decoration, Cafe del Pueblo´s tea house offers a wide variety of exotic coffees, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, breads or you can have home made soups, tarts or salads for lunch.

Hours of operation: 7:45hs till 21:00hs

Mitre 60
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations: 02944-522291  




El Vagamundo


El Vagamundo is an intimate and classy restaurant, café, and bar. Equipped with Wi-Fi, white table cloths, and classy surroundings, El Vagamundo is a unique mixture of functionability and class which also provides a lunch special/plate of the day for $15 pesos.  

El Vagamundo also offers a range of options at reasonable prices, from quick solutions for slight hungers to steaks, lamb and trout dishes, pastas, and pizzas for the truly famished. Reservations are not required, however, they are accepted. If hoping to guarentee a large table or a specific dinner time, one might be wise to make a reservation. Be sure to bring cash, however. Credit cards are not accepted.

El Vagamundo’s hours of service are daily, from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm and from 7:00 pm – 1:00 am.

Smoking is allowed in the entire restaurant.

Take out and delivery are available.

The corner of Neumeyer and 20 De Febrero
Downtown, Bariloche

Telephone:  02944-522822  





Araucaria restaurant is within the Kenton Palace Hotel and shares the formal, elegant style of the hotel. Araucaria offers a regional cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere. Although the restaurant is large, and reservations are not required, if one is looking to dine at a certain time or is part of a large party, reservations are recommended. Within the Kenton Palace Hotel there is also a bar for guests who would like to relax before or after dinner.

Visa, Mastercard, Dinners, and American Express are accepted.

Araucaria is open daily from 7:00 am – 10:30 am and then from 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

Morales 338
Downtown, Bariloche

Telephone:  02944-456654

Website: www.kentonpalace.com.ar



El Mundo Pizzas & Pastas


El Mundo Pizzas and Pastas is a large, two story pizza restaurant with an extensive pizza selection. Lasagna, pastas, ravioles and canelones are also available, but a list of 100 different pizza options dominates the restaurante’s menu. El Mundo is a 100% non smoking restaurant with a comfortable family atmosphere and a local tavern ambiance. Reservations are accepted, but not necessary.

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted.

El Mundo Pizzas & Pastas is open daily from 12:00 am – 5:00 am and then from 8:00 pm – 12:00 pm.

Mitre 759
Downtown, Bariloche

Telephone:  02944-423461  





Mamuschka chocolate shop and café is the most gaudy, yet irresistible of the chocolate shops. Bragging that, “our chocolates are the most expensive, but also the best,” workers who look like Little Red Riding Hood are confident in their product, for good reason.

Visa, American Express, and Mastercard are accepted.

Mamuschka is open daily from 8:30 am – 10:30 pm.

298 Mitre
Downtown, Bariloche

Telephone:  02944-423294

Website: www.mamuschka.com





Fenoglio besides being one of the first chocolate shops installed in

Bariloche, it has added a coffee shop. In a rustic ambience, surrounded by gnomes you can have a wide variety of coffee, hot chocolate, cakes, sandwiches and salads.

Some of their dishes are: Coffee + 3 croissants, Hot chocolate + Catedral cake, Te+ Apple Strudel.

Hours of operation: Mon thru Fri 8:00hs till 23:00hs, Sat and Sundays 9:00hs till 23:00hs.


Mitre 301 (and Rolando)
Downtown, Bariloche

Website: www.fenoglio.com





Domo Coffee Shop


In Galeria del Sol you can stop by and have a cup of coffee with a different variety of cakes and sandwiches or have a fast meal of pizza or snacks accompanied with artesanal beer or wines from the winery Finca Roja. The coffee shop also has computers with internet.

Some of their dishes are: Smoked appetizer for two persons with wine; Apple cake with nuts; Waffles.

Hours of operation: 9:00am till 11:00p.m.

Mitre 340 - Galeria del Sol
Downtown, Bariloche

Telephone:  02944-431150  



Diego`s Parrilla-Restaurant

Situated in the gastronomic street of Bariloche, Diego`s it`s a good place to share a quiet meal with friends and family, the restaurant offers classic parrillada, regional dishes and pastas that you can accompany with fine wines.

Smokers and non-smokers sections.

Palacios 135
Downtown, Bariloche

Telephone:  02944-422229  






The only restaurant in Bariloche opened the 24 hours a day, Friend´s has a fun and colourful ambience, decorated with antique puppets hanging on the ceiling and interesting pictures on the walls. Friend´s offers a big variety of pizzas cooked on a hearth oven, pastas, regional dishes, cakes and pastries.

Some of their dishes are: Vegetable or meat lasagne, Pizza Napolitana, Trout with mustard sauce.

Mitre (and Rolando)
Downtown, Bariloche

Telephone:  02944-423700 / 523700




Bariloche Bars and Pubs


La Cruz Brewery


La Cruz is a local brewery/bar, located in a residential neighborhood and frequented by a laid back crowd. Boasting great beers that are made in house, La Cruz provides a small, hole-in-the-wall charm. Be sure to bring cash to La Cruz, because this brewery is not commercially driven and touristy. La Cruz is the locals favourite!

No Smoking is allowed.

No credit cards are accepted.

Hours of operation: Tuesday – Sunday 6:00 pm – 2:00 am

Nilpi 789

Telephone: 02944-525065

Website: www.cervecerialacruz.com.ar




Berlina Brew House


Berlina provides a comfortable, small bar and a number of tables in the bar area. Set with mood lights and a progressive, rustic decor, the bar room is relaxed and feels like a European or North American microbrewery. There is also a dining room for those beer lovers who prefer a more formal meal. All Berlina beers are brewed in house and come with brief histories and descriptions.

Smoking is allowed.

Visa and American Express cards are accepted.

Hours of operation: Daily 12:30 pm – 1:00 am
Happy hour: Daily 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm  

Av. Bustillo Km 11.75

Reservations: 02944-523336










Antares Restaurant + Brew Pub


Antares offers different types of artesanal beers brewed locally in house, and it’s kitchen has specialized dishes cooked in beer.

You can choose from a wide variety of regional casseroles stewed in beer; trout; pizzas; brochettes and others.

Smoking area upstairs and non smoking area downstairs.


Hours of operation: 12:00am till it closes.


Happy hour: 19:00hs till 21:00hs

Elflein 47
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations: 02944-431454






Pilgrim Irish Pub and Restaurant


Pilgrim offers a wide variety of artesanal and imported beers and a kind setting to share a meal or a drink, it’s kitchen offers pizzas, grilled meats, salads, pastas, sandwiches and snacks. Some of their dishes are: Pizza Bariloche, Gulash with Spatzle, NY steak, Day dish + a glass of wine, beer or soda.

Hours of operation: From 10:00am on.

Happy hour: 19:00hs till 21:00hs.

Smoking and non smoking areas



Palacios 167 (between Mitre and John O´connor)
Downtown, Bariloche

Reservations: 02944-421686





Blest Brewery


Blest offers a family oriented brewery atmosphere. Sharing a building with a gift shop/craft shop, the Blest Brewery Restaurant is friendly and accomodates the entire family. Their beers are brewed meters from the dining room and include dry cider.

Smoking is allowed.

Visa, American Express, and Mastercard are accepted.

Hours of operation: Daily 12:00 pm – 12:00 pm

Av. Bustillo Km 11.6

Reservations: 02944-461026





Wilkenny Irish Pub & Restaurant


Wilkenny offers regional dishes, pastas and a wide variety of imported and artesanal beers, it’s a good place to share lunch or dinner with family and friends and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays you can stay and enjoy live shows and different events. Some of their special dishes are: Rabbit with mustard sauce and Lamb stewed in Guinness.

Smoking and non smoking areas.
Hours of operation: From 11:00a.m. till 7:00a.m.
*Wilkenny is also a nightclub, after dinner hours.
Happy Hour: From 18:00p.m. till 20:00pm

San Martin 435
Downtown, Bariloche


Telephone: 02944-424444






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