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Catalogue, Film + TV Production


We at Southamericaski.com are happy to help you with your catalog, TV, film
or photography production in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Whistler and of course,
Las Lenas. Whether in English, French, Spanish or Portugues we are here for you.

We are able to assist with field production, photography, filming, models, guides,
actors, site preparation and props and product testing. Listed below are projects
and clients we have assisted in the past. Please scroll down the whole page to
see more info and photos for Oakley, DC Shoes, Swatch and Catalogues
Sportmaster and Eastern Mountain Sports and TV Shows Pontiac World of Skiing
and The Ride Guide.




To open PDF click here:  

Oakley 2009 Catalog

963k file

We were proud to help Oakley Sales + Design Staff as well as their top athletes have an enjoyable and successful product testing trip to Las Lenas, Argentina in August 2008. This was mainly a product testing trip of outerwear and eyewear which meant storing lots of product in their Las Leñas hotel and daily end of the day downloads and feedback from athletes and sales + design staff in the hotel. Due to great conditions, this also turned into a last minute 2009 Catalogue Photo Shoot and Southamericaski.com had organized pro photographer Jordan Manley and guided access to secret powder stashes and scenic locations to help provide the best images and locations for Oakley. Southamericaski.com also handled all the travel logistics in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Las Lenas as well as lost bags and many other issues and needs for all staff and athletes on this trip. Southamericaski.com was on site and in the hotel to assist with daily needs for the group from morning to night and teamed up with one of our local guides to bring Oakley around the hill and to the best shooting spots in Las Lenas.







In August 2008 we were happy to help with travel logistics and accommodation for DC Shoes snowboarding photo shoot during one of the biggest storms ever in Chile, 4 feet! DC Shoes’ trip included everything from getting a big apartment at thebase of Valle Nevado to a private home with hot tub in Farellones area of the Three Valleys. DC Shoes had amazing snow, a great time,produced great images and accessed great terrain like the famous out of bounds El Colorado Ski resort road runs.





On one of our longer, more chasing powder, open road projects we were happy to be part of these energetic Norwegians trying to find the best powder, culture and nightlife and daily with 3 weeks to cover as much as possible over all of Argentina and Chile. Starting and finishing out of Santiago, Chile we assisted this group from Santiago, El Colorado and 3 Valleys resorts and backcountry to the secret town of Los Andes and day trips to Portillo and Ski Arpa and their backcountry.

We eventually crossed the border overland to Mendoza, Argentina (barely making it of course) and begun on the journey to the backcountry mountain hut of Cajon Grande beginning in the nothing town of Las Loicas (3 hours from Las Leñas) for some days.

Then the crew spent a couple of days in small town of Malargue with a serious asado before going south to Patagonia and the historic town of San Carlos de Bariloche and Cerro Catedral ski resort. Finally the group crossed the border overland from Bariloche to Chile and made it north back to Santiago, Chile to catch their flights home back to Norway. During this whole trip the group was filming for Scandanavian freeriding films and an adventure/travel documentary Norwegian TV Show Reiseml (Destinations in English).

It was important therefore to organize and catch on film the best backcountry lines, culture, nightlife and things you could not see and do if you were not with people who knew about all this. This meant organizing and choosing non skiing locations as well such as Santiago, Valparaiso, and Malargue. The group was also writing and shooting photos for Norwegian Ski Magazine Fri Flyt during this trip.

Southamericaski.com was on hand from day 1 on site and assisted in alltravel logistics, accommodations, field production and daily decision making on where to go the next day based on forecasts and local knowledge. Southamericaski.com was with the group once they touched down in Santiago and led them all the way to Bariloche, Argentina where other Southamericaski.com guides took over and took them all the way back to Santiago, Chile.  





Swiss team of pro skiers and filmer and photographer were first frustrated to have Marte closed for their first part of their trip to Las Lenas and then were rewarded for their patience with 5 days of the high alpine Marte chair open in a row. The crew consisted of pro skiers Seb Michaud, Phil Meir and photographer and filmer. One goal was to shoot and get some material for magazines but the main focus was to film a TV commercial for Swatch. Southamericaski.com assisted in travel logistics and accommodation.



The following catalogues used South America Ski as location and production management


Sports Master. Denmark


Catalogue shot and produced in Bariloche, Argentina with the help of Southamericaski.com. Southamericaski.com assisted in all travel logistics, organizing a private home at the base of Cerro Catedral ski resort, model casting and selection and daily field production and assistance with shipping and storage of the merchandise and product to Argentina and Bariloche.


To open PDF click here:



814k file



Eastern Mountain Sports


Eastern Mountain Sports spent 2 weeks in Bariloche, Argentina with Southamericaski.com which assisted in all travel logistics, organizing a private home at the base of Cerro Catedral ski resort and daily field production for their product catalogue.


To open PDF click here:



1.463k file



Levitation Project


We were happy to help the Levitation Project out of Utah organize their film and photo production to Las Leñas, Argentina in August 2007.

Southamericaski.com assisted with all the accommodation and travel logistics for their month long trip to Las Leñas.

Levitation Project filmed a large portion of their 2007 film Fall 07 in Las Leñas and Argentina.


For more info on Levitation Project and to download their film please check out their website at www.thelevitationproject.com



South America ski also helps with Televison production crews. We worked on the following productions which were made in Argentina and Chile.



Pontiac World of Skiing

September 2007 organized all travel arrangements and assisted in field production with Pontiac World of Skiing televisión show to Ski Arpa Cat Skiing andTermas de Chillan ski resorts and the city of Santiago, Chile. Also organized athletes, interviews, and scouting locations.

Mark Lasseter assisted as ocasional guest host during the filming of the program.


Click here to see Pontiac world of skiing project www.pontiacworldofskiing.com/videoplayer/index.php?video_id=106



Ride Guide Productions

August 2004 organized all travel arrangements and assisted in field production with Ride Guide televisión show production to Valle Nevado + Valle Nevado Heli Skiing, Portillo and Las Leñas ski resorts and the cities of Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina.

Also organized athletes, interviews, and scouting locations. 






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