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Puerto Madryn Excursions


North of Peninsula Valdes


Time: 12 hours.

Length: 298 m.

We set out very early for Puerto Pirámides in order to go whale–watching (optional). We’d rather get on board very early in the morning looking for the best weather conditions. So in case it happens otherwise, we have a second chance during the afternoon.

Once on land again, we drive to San Lorenzo farm. Here, you find the largest penguin rookery on Península Valdés. At noon, we have “asado”, homemade empanadas and salads for lunch all of which tickle the palate of the most demanding gourmet (optional).

In the afternoon, we visit Caleta Valdés and Punta Delgada and we go down the cliffs to the beach to walk close to the elephant-seals.

On the way back to the city in the evening, we can see guanacos, rheas, foxes, maras, armadillos, skunks, and hares.

The dream of any Patagonia lover is to spend the night at the countryside hotel Faro Punta Delgada or at one of the farms on the Península such as Rincón Chico, La Elvira o La Ernestina.

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Southern Peninsula Valdes

Estimated duration: 11 hours.

Journey: ca 400 km (Half of it on a paved road)

We set out early in the morning for Peninsula Valdes Provincial Reserve. After one-hour drive, we arrive in Puerto Piramide where we go on a boat tour whose main attraction is the whale-watch since June to December. From December to March we can also take a boat tour to watch sea-lions, cormorants and probably dark dolphins.

Once the boat tour is over, we head for the South of the peninsula going through Salinas Grande and Chica: Two vast depressions under the sea level. On getting to Punta Delgada, around midday, we have lunch at the El Faro resort. There, we have the opportunity to go down the cliffs to watch elephant seal groups.

After that, we continue to Punta Cantor along the eastern coastline of the peninsula where Caleta Valdés (Valdés Inlet) remarkable features can be observed. Then we go back to the Ameghino Isthmus, with its interesting visitor’s centre.

On the way we have good chances of coming across land fauna such as guanacos, rheas, foxes, maras, armadillos and a variety of birds.

Finally, we return to Puerto Madryn at sunset.

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Pinguins at Punta Tombo

Season: September to April

Estimated duration: 11 hours.

Journey: ca 400 km (Half of it on a paved road)

We set out early for the penguin colony at the Punta Tombo Provincial reserve. After a two-and-a-half hour journey watching the Patagonian steppe, we will get to this limitless penguin colony: 200 hectares of clay and sand that house thousands of nests where the penguins lay their eggs and raise their chicks.

We will walk around the paths among the penguins for about an hour and a half to watch their behaviour. The reserve has a park keeper and also offers sanitary and cafeteria facilities to the visitor.

Later on the tour, we will visit Gaiman, where a group of Welsh people settled down in the past. The tour guide will explain the events that took place during the settlement while historical interest points as well as the building style of the village are observed.

An optional stop at a typical tea-house to enjoy a traditional Welsh tea service is offered. We continue our way to Trelew with its main attraction:the modern Egidio Feruglio Paleontologic Museum.

Wet return to Puerto Madryn at sunset.


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Cerro Avanzado + Sea-lion Colony 

Time: 2:30 hours.

Length: 37 mi.

This tour is offered all year round, departing from Puerto Madryn in the mornings and evenings. We pick up the passengers at their hotels on our 4WD trucks and we head for Cerro Avanzado, going along off-road tracks and sand dunes. On our way, we visit a sea lion colony at Punta Loma, studying the rockbound beaches and the sea fossils that constitute a priceless paleontological legacy of our region.


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Cerro Avanzado at Night

Time: 2:30 hours.

Length: 25 mi.

It is one of the biggest spectacles offered by ecoadventures. Departing from Puerto Madryn late in the evening (approximately at 19:00 p.m.) we go through every geographical feature along the coastline up to Cerro Avanzado beaches.The starry Southern skies are the perfect scenario to watch the fauna at night and the magic beauty of the infinite Patagonian horizons. This tour is subject to the weather conditions and includes lunch box.

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Playa El Doradillo + Playa las Canteras (Beaches) 


Time: 2 hours.

Length: 28 mi.


From June to October, the area of El Doradillo is visited by hundreds of whales and their calves. Its calm and deep waters allow these huge cetaceans to swim extremely near the shore.

The “on shore-watching” is a different option for interacting with whales and, at the same time,it offers an exceptional opportunity for all those reluctant to sail.

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Chubut River Valley with rafting


Start: 9.30 am.

Finish: Aprox. 17.30 hs.


Close to Puerto Madryn, the barren Patagonian steppe is transformed by the Chubut River Valley. This is the area where the first Welsh settlers established themselves to preserve their language, religion and culture.

The tour starts with an hour journey along the National Nº 3 to Trelew where the passengers visit the Paleontological Museum.

Once the visit is over. we will go to Dolavon district, where our guide will be waiting for us at the wharf. Passenger will be given a talk on safety matters and other interest points before they get on the raft.

It will be a quiet rafting along the Chubut River for about 45 minutes, where a great variety of birds and flora will be observed.

At the landing stage, a vehicle will transfer them to Mr. Elvio Griffith’ farm to see his great collection of stones and paleontological pieces.

At the end of the tour, the passengers will visit Gaiman, where an optional stop at a typical tea-house to enjoy a traditional Welsh tea service is offered. Finally, we return to Puerto Madryn at sunset.

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Underwater Baptism


Duration: 2:30 to 3 hours

Under the water: 20 minutes


The first diving experience begins in our store, where we dress in costumes of Neoprenne 5 mm thick

(that will protect us from the cold), then we board the boat and go into the diving park. Once there, the instructor will explain the experience that we will live.

Then start the descent of each one, accompanied by the instructor. You will find all the flora and fauna of the area in the park: four species of fish (salmon, grouper, Turks and escrófalos), different species of starfish, anemones, urchins, snails, polyps, crabs and mollusks. Occasionally we may find wolves, dolphins and whales.  

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Diving with Sea Lions

Duration: 4 hours

Dive duration: 45 minutes

Necessary certification: none


Diving with sea lions is a safe and funny activity, and is not required previous experience, and is easy to everybody

If you` ve never dived, you can snorkel with sea lions; Madryn Diving has a special programme, in which we explain you the neccesary learning, in one underweater practice in the sea, to snorkel freely and withot difficulty among sea lions.

If you are a PADI certification, we can give you a basic equipment and go diving in an amazing trip, just like the one you can wacht in the video  

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