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Villa La Angostura Excursions


Angostura Circuit


Noon Excursion: Three hours.  

This stroll is the letter of presentation of our locality, since it combines attractive the landscaping ones they are our history. We started off for the Correntoso River where it is possible to observe the trouts in its natural habitat, the crystalline water of the magnificent expresses. Soon we took the Way from the Seven Lakes to arrive at the municipal limit and to enter the National Park Nahuel Huapi. There is the deflection of the route that leads to Chile, after a short stretch we arrived at the Viewpoint of the Lake Mirror, from the Vista she is magnificent here, appreciating the lake and the mountainous cord where it excels the Hill Bell.

We returned towards the town by the Circuit of the Green Lagoon

(Municipal Reserve) to arrive thus at old Villa and the Isthmus of

Quetrihué, that it presents/displays the narrowness that gives name to the town. We will see the ports: Tame bay and Brave Bay, the historical sectional of Guardaparques and buildings, that they keep memories from the past. Soon we will circulate around the estate of the Residence “El Mesidor”, that it presents/displays the own architecture of the time of gold of National Parks. We happened through the Commercial Center and soon we continued towards Port Apple tree, where we will find a bay of incomparable beauty. This it is a place to take a break and to enjoy La Paz and silence. We cross Peninsula Apple tree with his distinguished new complexes of cabins and hotels. Soon return to the hotel.

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Villa Traful, Heart of the Lakes Full Day excursion


In order to arrive at Villa Traful we will journey a section of the Seven Lake’s route, we will see the lakes Nahuel Huapi, Correntoso, Espejo and Traful. The way climbs until the 930 meters of height, when crossing the Portezuelo soon to lower towards the river basin of the Traful Lake. We pass through the Stony Stream and we arrived at Arrayán Port, where there is a fantastic beach surrounded by high mountains. There many fishermen of Fly Cast encamp (fly) to go into in the mouth of the Machico River. We followed towards the Stream Cataract, where there is an area of encamps with beautiful Vista and we undertake a 20 long walk of minutes (only IN SUMMER) until the Cascade

Co Lemu, impressive jump of 20 meters: we will arrive until pie of the cascade. Soon we followed until Villa Traful where we will enjoy making picnic and having a good lunch enjoy roasting. Soon of the lunch: relax in the shade of cypresses and radales enjoying the peace of the place. In average afternoon we continued to the Viewpoint, incredible basalt wall of 70 meters of height on the lake. Soon we journeyed the way towards Confluence: colors towards the steppe, bordering the Traful River. In the “Rio Cuyin” we stop to observe the zone of condors and soon we see the Cave Traful I, extraordinary archaeological site, with rest of human occupation of 10,000 years of antiquity. We return by “Valle Encantado”, with its magnificent forms product of the millenarian erosion in the rock, where we will let fly the imagination to discover than thirty figures hidden more on rocks. Soon route to Villa the Narrowness by North margin of the lake Nahuel Huapi.

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San Martin de los Andes by the Seven Lakes full day excursion.


We left the Hotel by RN 231 towards Lake Mirror, there RN 234 begins, the famous Way of the Seven Lakes, to write down: Mirror, Correntoso, Falkner, Villarino, Hidden, Machónico and Lácar. We will happen closely together of other lakes: Small Mirror, Traful, Beautiful, Meliquina. A magnificent memory that the glaciers left us and that constitutes one of the more impressive landscaping patrimonies of Argentina. The route surprises each passage with more beautiful mountain views more, streams, lakes, forests, silence.

Successive shutdowns in the way allow to also appreciating not only the beauty of the landscape but the aroma of the forest and the rumor of cascades. In San Martín we will find a beautiful city to borders of the Lácar Lake, with extensive boulevards and streets adorned by an architecture that combines the tradition of the wood with a modern and functional design. The lunch will be the excuse to spend hours here, in addition there will be time for a stroll. Soon we will visit the Circuit Arrayán Viewpoint, with fantastic views of the Lácar Lake and the Complex of Chapelco Ski, one of most modern of Latin America, before returning by Seven Lakes. Schedule of Return: 19:00 Hs.


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Arrayanes Forest


Several schedules in the day, duration of the three hour Excursion.

The Forest of Arrayanes is much more than an excursion and has transformed into a symbol of Villa la Angostura. Although place has been always associated with San Carlos de Bariloche is the summit of the beauty of the Andes forest and it is in the end of the Quetrihué Peninsula, that it is born in the port of Villa and extends by 12 kilometers entering themselves in the Lake Nahuel Huapi and forming the National Park Arrayanes. He is habitual between its visitors who arrive until there at foot or in mountain bicycles that are rented in the port. Also it is possible to be done a section in the catamaran and another one on foot or in bicycle.  The Arrayán is a tree quite common in the National Park, but in this place a true community of units exists that in some cases exceed the 650 years age. Nevertheless it can affirm that the main characteristic of this forest

is the special sensation to cross it in silence, enjoying the resistances of light and the particular harmony of forms and colors. To it magnificent navigation by the lake is added from Tame Bay, that it allows enjoying the imposing cordilleran frame, to borders of the Nahuel Huapi


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