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Iguazu Excursions

On this page we have listed excursions in the Argentine and the Brazilian side of the falls.  

We first list excursions in the Argentine side and then in the Brazilian side. 


Cataratas del Iguazu Argentine Side Excursions


Iguazu Falls


The natives who inhabited this region called the most grandiose falls in the World "Big Water". It is nowadays perhaps the best definition to give to this group formed by 275 falls with a flow that may reach 1800m3 per second. Discovered in 1541 by the conqueror Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, the Iguassu Falls (called by him as Santa María -Saint Mary- Falls), form a semicircle of 2700 meters with falls and cascades of 40 to 80 meters, which constitute one of the most beautiful postcards in the world. The Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat) is its main fall, which may form a 30 meters high mist. The Iguassu Falls integrate one of the world principal eco systems. The biodiversity of the National Parks, helped by the subtropical climate with wet season, gives shelter to more than 2000 kinds of vegetables and approximately 700 species between mammals, birds and reptiles. The multicolored butterflies give an unequalled show. The red land, which owes its color to one of its components: the iron oxide, encloses a frame of multiple beauties and unforgettable landscapes.

This show of nature, considered as one of the World's Wonders, originated 200 thousand years ago in the place that we call today "Three Frontier Landmarks", where the Iguazú River and the Paraná River join.

A geological fault produced in the Paraná River bed convert the Iguazú River mouth in an abrupt cascade of 80 meters of height.

From that point, where the falls originated, up to the place where nowadays the Garganta del Diablo is located, there is a distance of 23 kilometers, due to the slow but continuous erosive backward movement, in the position of the falls.

This great original fall, has turned into two great sinuous arches with an extension of 2700 meters. The most impressive fall of the group is the Garganta del Diablo, with 80 meters of height which is located in the main course of the river. According to the flow of the river, 160 to 260 falls may be admired, which in average pour approximately 1500 cubical meters of water per second.

The violence of the fall produces a permanent mist inside of which the sunbeams form multiple rainbows of an insuperable beauty.

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Full Moon Visit to the Falls


After meeting the splendor of the spectacular falls during the day, we may let our mind fly imaging us walking in the middle of the jungle at night with the moon shining over the magnificent falls that compose this Natural Wonder.

Three days at month the full moon reigns in Iguazú nights, within its plenitude phase. Those are the days during which the Full Moon Visit to the Falls is carried out in the Iguazú Falls.

Through the footbridges that lead us to the Garganta del Diablo, after a train journey that lasts 20 minutes, we start a walk of 1200mts. up to the mayor and most important fall: the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat). In this way we may appreciate this show as during daytime shining under the moon light, observing an intense white rainbow, and depending on the intensity of the moon brightness, we may even see it in all its colors. In this moment happiness and emotion tears won't be absent facing such a show. After a quiet and emotive contemplation, we return to our departure point where a coup of booth at our choice is waiting for us in order to toast for the nice experienced moment. We may also have the choice of delighting dinner in the National Park Restaurant.

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Great Adventure


This tour combines a voyage in 4 x 4 vehicles through the Yacaratía path and the navigation through the Iguassu rapids getting close to the navigable falls. It approximately lasts 1.20hs. There are regular departures (28 passengers per boat) from the pier located at San Martín Island, from Macuco Path and from the New Center (Front).


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Anchors are weighed from the beginning of the foot-bridges of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat), embarking in rowing zodiacs. The journey takes 3kms by the Superior Iguazú River and as the circuits are scarcely visited and there is low environmental impact, the visitors may have the possibility of appreciating local fauna and flora in absolute harmony with nature. Its durations is approximately 30 minutes arriving to Tres Marías Harbor and connecting the paths that lead to inferior and superior circuits.


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Three Frontiers Landmarks


The Three Frontiers Land Mark is a tourist place, located at the city of Puerto Iguazú in Argentina. It is located in the confluence of Iguazú and Paraná Rivers. From this location all the three countries may be observed, and in each one of them, there is an obelisk painted with the national colors of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. There is also an artisan market where handicraft products typical from the province may be acquired. The Tancredo Neves Bridge may be observed, which joins the Argentine city of Puerto Iguazú with its Brazilian neighbor Foz do Iguaçu. This place is located within the tourist sub-region known as Big Water Region.


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Nautical Adventure


The adventure begins from the San Martín Island where you embark in semi-rigid double engine zodiacs in order to undertake the navigation of the lower Iguazú River delta. The expert sailors give the passenger the possibility of getting close to little distance from the cascades, unique and extraordinary sensation that lasts 15 minutes and it is remembered during all lifetime


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Iguazu Extreme


If what you like is extreme adventure within the heart of the jungle, here you may find nature in its wildest state. An adventure that will allow you to feel all the adrenaline practicing trekking, climbing, rappel, canopy and finishing with a fascinating navigation through the Iguazú River up to the harbor.


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Native Villages


In this region we find various native settlements. The great majority belongs to a "Guaraní" line, in Argentina as well as in Brazil and Paraguay. The most outstanding community is the "Yeyi" Village, which is located at 35km from the city of "El Soberbio", in Argentina. Said village counts with 35 resident families which dedicate to the production of scented essences and they have their own church. In the city of Iguazú there are two native settlements integrated to civilization, even though their style and customs may be appreciated and recreated. We must remember that said tribes were nomads, for this reason the people of these settlements still move along the three margins of the rivers.


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Ecological Horse riding


A horse riding getting deeply into the Jungle of Misiones, together with the famous "vaqueano" (skillful local guide) constitutes a really interesting experience. During said riding nature may be fully enjoyed and local bird and mammal customs may be learned by the explanations of the guide.


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Catamaran Journey


There are daily afternoon departures from Puerto Iguazú Harbor- Argentina on the Paraná River, with destination to Bertoni Harbor in Paraguay, where Mbya Guaraní aboriginals wait for us with typical music and dance of their nation. After this millenary ritual, local community representatives share with us their handicraft samples and give us the gift of a brief story about their customs and traditions. You may have the possibility to carry a sample from this millenary people which inhabited the falls land before the conquerors arrival. It is an exclusive vessel, with capacity for 300 passengers, together with a guide, board services, environmental music, bar and international music show.


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Pioneers´ Path


Visitors may have the chance of carrying out a different safari, going through 20km by the Big Yacaratía Path. This path is closed to private vehicle traffic, preventing environmental alteration. Safari starts climbing to a 4 x 4 Jeep that easies the journey that the ancient pioneers had to do to reach the falls.

Little by little, when you get inside the Jungle of Misiones and in contact with nature in its pure state, different flora species may emerge together with the fantasy of imaging what can be seen in that creeper liana thicket. The guide captures visitor's attention making them observe, for example, the fresh footprints from a yaguareté, the primitive tiger ant of 3cm length or capturing the flight of a toucan that appears from a palmito specimen, stimulating the observation and participation of the group in this adventure.

Having explored a portion of this virgin red land, the visitor shall take the personal experience of perceiving the jungle with all his senses.


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Fall Safari


Departing from the hotel towards Iguassu National Park, we arrive to the entrance porch. We get down the vehicle after traveling 500 meters through the road, where we arrive to the Visitor's Center. After the visit to this center and at 300mts thereof, the journey begins when we climb to 4x4 vehicles to carry out a 6km voyage through the Big Yacaratía Path. This route allows the visitor together with the guide to appreciate the flora and the fauna of the National Park (there can be seen palmitos, palm trees, lignum vitae, araucarias, butterflies and even monkeys which may be curiously staring at us from the trees.

Within the jungle's heart our 4x4 stops and we descend to begin a 500mts hike observing flora and birds that inhabit our National Park. The path gets narrower and we begin to descend until we reach the Hidden Fall, which water melts within a limpid water lake in which we may take a bath if we like, and where we will also have a Lunch Box. After a deserved rest and interchanging of experiences, we start our way back.  


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Structure built with tree trunks of native species brought from the northern zone of the province of Misiones. In the Aripuca you may appreciate the different agro-eco-tourist activities. You may see these activities; share the natural recourses in their most pure state.

During this visit you may taste homemade organic and regional products, jellies, juices, homemade sweets made from typical fruits of the region such as:

Dulce de leche ("Sweet of Milk") made with milk from cow and buffalo, Mammon or Papaya jam, Mammon in syrup, Rosella jam (flower petals), tangerine, orange, peach jam, etc., you may also know jungle fruit jam too such as:

wild relatives of the Guayaba: (Myrtaceous): Pitanga, Guaporetí, Ubajay, Guavirá, Yaboticaba, Cerella, Guabiyú, Wild Palm trees: (Palmaceous): Palmito, Pindó, wild relatives of the Mammon: (Caricaceous): Yacaratiá. Others: (Zapotaceous): Aguaí, (Guttiferous): Pacurí.

The sweets and syrups FRUTOS DE LA SELVA (JUNGLE FRUITS) are elaborated by regional producers. They are prepared with wild fruit harvested from the trees that grow naturally in the jungle. The process of elaboration is handicraft and is carried out by farmer women.

If it is proper time, you may also taste a unique product: the "mate cocido" cold or hot infusion. 




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Precious Stones Mines


In Argentine territory 4 mineral deposit veins have been discovered in the cities of Wanda and Libertad. The city of Wanda is the most prepared for tourist attention and the one that receives a greater number of visitors. This nature wonder originated millions of years ago. When Earth was still at quite high temperatures little air bubbles formed inside the volcanic lava, which merging with different components such as silica, when becoming cold, they crystallized forming a geode or air capsule. In its interior 2000 gems may be found, but only one of them, in some cases, is considered of precious quality.

The mine's discovery was accidental in 1976 in one of the streams where the clothes were used to be washed. Said lands were used for manioc, beans and corn cultivation, among others. This city was colonized mainly by Polish immigrants who called Wanda the city, in honor to the princes of their country who carried that name. The stones that are most usually found are: Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Quartz among others.

Said deposits are at open sky and visitors have the possibility to observe from the extraction phase, to the faceted of the stones. There is also extraction by tunnel, this resource being used recently and in both cases everything is done in an artisan way, as the use of a machine may damage the gems.


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San Ignacio Mini Ruins


The priests José Cataldino and Simón Masceta founded in the Guayrá region (Brazil), in 1610, the reduction of San Ignacio Miní, together to others that, in 1631, were besieged in a constant way by the Bandeirantes or Mamelucos (Portuguese slave hunters). Only the villages of San Ignacio and Nuestra Señora de Loreto were safe from the attacks in the nowadays Argentine province of Misiones.

San Ignacio Miní was established in 1696 at the place where we nowadays find its ruins. As the other reductions, the Paraguayan destroyed it in 1817. The ruins were totally restored in 1940. Thanks to those improvements, the urban outline of the reduction can be appreciated, with remarkable accuracy. This is one of the best prepared for the tourist visit. It counts with local guides, toilets, interpretative museum, various models and sound and light show. They are kept in a very good condition for the appreciation of what this epic has involved: the temple, the arm square, the dwellings, the school, the cemetery and other places of interest. In its surroundings there are numerous restaurants, bars, hotels and all the necessary for tourist attention.


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Moconá Full Day


After a deserved breakfast at the hotel where you are lodged, we depart early in the morning towards the Moconá Falls. At the beginning we are amazed with the landscape and the red earth roads through which we advance in a real voyage, therefore opening our way through the jungle and the mountains of this region up to the Provincial Park "Moconá". The visit here starts in an area of giant ferns then proceeding to the main tour of this day, a spectacular walk in the Moconá Falls. In this place we stay in order to appreciate the indescribable landscapes, taking pictures and filming or tasting a good mate from Misiones. During resting time the guide shall serve a country lunch (Box Lunch) in order to double enjoy the surroundings. At the end of the visit we return to the city of Puerto Iguazú and to the chosen hotel.


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Yerba Mate Producing Establishments


In all the Province of Misiones there are plenty of these establishments, each of them with its own characteristics, work methods, production, process style, and product variety. Among the most famous we may mention Piporé, Amanda and Rosamonte which are modern establishments with a great production of Yerba Mate and Tea, open for special visits. Another one that deserves a special mention is Roa Pipó, as it was the first one to establish in the Province and still has the same artisan style of drying the yerba mate called "sapecado".


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Foz do Iguazu Brazilian Side Excursions


Cataratas do Iguaçu


The magnificent stage of this Nature Wonder is worthy to be appreciated from both margins, for this reason it is indispensable to know them from Brazilian margin. This focus has the peculiarity of embracing a full view of the landscape, a panoramic picture of more than 200 falls. For particular visitors the locomotion within the park consists of amusing and comfortable double floor busses, totally panoramic. The first postcard that announces the beginning of the journey leave us motionless and without words, only trying to capture by means of our glance the impression of nature and of the hand of God. First we gaze at the three great falls San Martín, Bozetti and Tres Mosqueteros (Three Musketeers), and alter walking 1.200mts way we get to the typical Brazilian Fall, the Floriano and by a footbridge we access the view of the majesty, the main impressive of the falls, the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat).

This park has innumerable attractions, from journeys, interpretative buildings, artisan shops, commercial shops, a varied food area, ending with an excellent restaurant with a view to the Garganta del Diablo called Puerto Canoas, used both for lunches and special events.


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The greatest hydroelectric dam in the World, it is located over the Paraná River. It is a Brazilian and Paraguayan governments´ undertaking. Forty thousand men and 17 years were needed in order to build it. The works started in 1974 and in may 1991 the last turbine started functioning, bringing as a result amazing amounts: 18 turbines that generate 12.600.000 MW, a 7.600meters long damming wall and its lake, one of the World's mayor water reflections has a surface of 1500 km2, 24 billon of cubic meters of water and 120 meters high over the Paraná River. Itaipú in Guaraní language means "Singing Stone". In the year 2000 the installation of 2 new generating units became real, which are presently fully functioning. In this way, this plant beats its own record, generating nowadays 14.000.000 MW.


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Full Moon visit to the Falls


This visit already organized over the Argentine margin for a few years, has taken such an important and is so asked for by the tourists that the Brazilian National Park has launched an excellent service called "Luau nas Cataratas". It is really a night of surprises and emotions, with the contemplation of the falls under the full moon light. Three days per month the full moon reigns in Iguazú nights, within its plenitude phase. Those are the days during which the Full Moon Visit to the Falls is carried out in the Iguassu Falls.

Our night begins in "Porto Canoas" Restaurant delighting us with its wonderful and tasty dishes in a dinner with the lights of the candles and having a view of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat). All the emotion and imagination we generate while we have dinner are realized after its end. Our way starts with the assistance of guides and monitors who take us up to the Naipe space, leading us to the first contemplation, with a view of the Garganta del Diablo and the Floriano fall among others. We can see the falls as if it was day time, observing an intense white rainbow and depending on the intensity of the moon brightness, we may even see it in all its colors. In this moment happiness and emotion tears won't be absent facing such a show.


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Itaipú´s Monumental Lighting


Looking at the great show that represents the monumental illumination of the hydroelectric plant is something that cannot be described in simple words, it must be experienced. 600 reflectors of 1.200KW of power project their light simultaneously and in synchronicity over the dam, extending over a total of 3Km long. This unique event offers the visitor an original light, sound and visual sensation show doted with such a great coloring beauty that it is worthy to see.


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Macuco Safari


This adventure begins in the Macuco Safari Gates, where they climb on open jeep-towed wagons that allow a general view of the stage revealing along the trail. During the 3 km way through the jungle, polyglot guides present fauna and flora specimen, orchids, palmitos, bromeliads, centenarian trees, also wild animals that from time to time come across the path.

The second phase of our way is a 600 meters hike (optional) that leads the group for a walk through the paths that go to the fall baptized as "Macuco Fall". The fall, ideal for a refreshing bath in intense heat days, tours its waters from about 20 meters high. Access is a stairway carved into the ancient rocks. The last stop is the Macuco Safari Harbor, by the Brazilian margin of the Iguazú River.

In the water inflatable bi-motor boats are waiting for us, which are certainly built according to the particular needs of this place. They are safe and efficient vessels. Before getting to the boats, the passengers receive life-vests and plastic containers for the protection of photographic and filming equipment. The boat travels up-river passing through the canyon, facing the rapids, at a middle speed that allows the full appreciation of the landscape.

Rocks, animals and a lot of greenery complete the stage up to the magnificent falls base, near the "great horseshoe" known as the "Garganta del Diablo" (Devil's Throat).

Arriving to the Tres Mosqueteros Fall (Three Musketeers Fall), the pilot maneuvers the boat in order to get close enough to provide the passengers with a fun and refreshing cascade shower, within an intense blue sky frame and a magnificent rainbow. This is known as the fall baptism.


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This journey is carried out in totally silent boats, departing from Bananeiras Harbor and arriving to Canoas Harbor. The objective is the contemplation of native jungle and of existing aquatic species. During this way the visitors have the option of getting in close contact with the energy of the waters of the Iguazú River.

During the whole journey, the visitor is accompanied by a specially trained guide for this kind of navigation.


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Canoas Harbor Journey

Short journey, departing from and arriving to Puerto Canoas (Canoas Harbor), observing the superior part of the Iguassu Falls.

Journey duration: approximately 20 minutes. From Canoas Harbor it is possible to access the Bananeiras Path, the Pozo Preto Terminal, the Yacaré Lagoon and the Tacuaras archipelago, with all their tour options.

Return may occur to Bananeiras or to Canoas Harbor.


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Bird Park

Foz Tropicana
Bird Park is a private undertaking, located at one of the most beautiful regions in the world, next to the Iguassu Falls.

More than 500 tropical, exotic and colored bird species fly over huge aviaries integrated to the exuberant humid subtropical flora. The visitors have the opportunity of getting into the aviaries of more than 630m2 in which cascades and vegetation are recreated, forming a natural habitat frame, where they may know about the life of birds, yacarés, snakes, monkey and butterflies which amaze visitors.


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Helicopter Fly Over 

The one who knows this has no doubt. Appreciating the Iguassu Falls from the ground is one of the most gratifying sensations in the world. But, however, the landscape may still be more astonishing if you see it from the sky, from a helicopter. The fly over allows the tourist to become aware of the dimension of the huge size of this landscape in a full of adrenaline trip between the mist produced by the giant water falls and the clouds.

During its 10 minutes of duration, the air trip enables the possibility of identifying the tortuous ways of the Iguazú River in detail within the Iguassu National Park vegetation until reaching the top of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat). In this point the river bed decrease from 1.200 meters to 80 meters wide, originating the water show.

The tourist appreciates the falls from 450 meters high, between the clouds and the mist formed by the impact that the water produces over the stones. The number of "visible" falls depends on the quantity of water falling from the Iguazú River. The average volume is 1.700 cubic meters per second, but may reach to 8.000 cubic meters when it rains in the Iguazú River origin, in Curitiba and its metropolitan region.

The service of flights is offered by Aerial Cab Helisul since 1972. Their hangar is located near the Visitor's Reception Center of the Iguassu National Park.

There are also offered trips that last 35 minutes. These trips go over the Iguassu Falls, over the three frontier frame and Itaipú Binational. During the way the aircrafts (a Bell Jet Ranger and a Bell Long Ranger) go over Foz do Iguaçu's downtown, allowing the identification of important city areas, such as the commercial center, the Mosque, the green area of the 34º Infantry Motorized Battalion, and also the Amistad Bridge (Brazil/Paraguay) and the Tancredo Neves Bridge (Brazil/Argentina).


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Three Frontiers  Frame

Down the river, at 18km from Iguassu Falls, the Iguazú River pours its water in the Paraná River, creating a spectacular delta. In addition, a peculiar consolidation takes place as three countries: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay converge in this point defining their frontiers. At this point each country built a stone obelisk from which an amazing landscape may be appreciated facing the horizon of the three countries. Also called the tripartite point, it may be visited from Argentine, Brazilian and Paraguayan side. Visitors travel along the roads to see the joint of Paraná and Iguazú Rivers and they are geographically and geologically situated, and the guide also explains to them the peculiarity that each monolith or obelisk has the shape which characterize the way each country outlines its frontier with its neighbor country (Argentine and Brazilian obelisks have a pyramidal and triangular shape as their delimitations in this point form a vertex while the Paraguayan one is a straight sided square, in the way said country delimits with the other two).


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This is a sport which gains fans in Brazil and worldwide and is definitely converted in tourist attraction in the Triple Frontier.

In the middle of the paradisiacal frame of the Falls´ land, three beautiful golf fields are integrated to the regional landscape: the Bourbon Iguassu Golf Club & Resort, in Foz do Iguaçu, the Cascada Golf Resort & Spa, in Minga Guazú, and the Golf Club do Paraná Country Club, in Hernandárias.

These golf fields, all of them with a 18 hole circuit, count with the advantage of being set up in vast green areas, each of them with its own characteristics.


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Cannion Iguassu

It consists of a challenge field, where adrenaline invades our body. You may do all the activities or combine some of them immersed within an impressive landscape.

Located at the Brazilian National Park and opening at 9hs until the park closes its doors, you may enjoy all its activities.


It is divided into three kinds of activities: low elements, high elements and climbing wall. In all the cases the visitors are supervised by specialized guides.

Climbing Wall

The Challenge Field has a sequence of walls with different difficulty degrees with 7mts height, among which the visitor may choose. The walls may be simultaneously climbed by 10 people.


The visitor shall go through a suspended footbridge in the middle of the jungle of 360m long up to the Rappel platform. The slope from the rappel platform is about 55m over the canyon with an impressive view over the Iguassu falls. For this practice all the visitors shall receive the information, instructions and safety rules necessary by specialized guides.

The visitor also has the possibility of choosing among 30 different climbing routes on basaltic rock with fixed and mobile protections. The different alternatives include heights that vary from 10 to 30meters, with good adherence without producing any harm to the hands.

Rafting at Iguassu River

It consists of a descent in a duck (a kind of boat) along 4Km, 2Km are rapids and 2Km are of calm water where it is possible to swim. The departure is from a pier (pool) next to the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat). The rapids are considered medium level (class III +), accessible to all. The journey lasts approximately 1:40h departing from the Challenge Field and arriving to the Central Macuco Pier. The voyage divides in the following way: 15 min. of trekking, 10 min. used to receive the necessary information and the instructions, 10 min. of procedure and practice, 35 min. going through the rapids and 35 min. rowing in calm waters.


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Falls Rafain Show Night Show

Assisting to a Latin American musical and dancing show while tasting a delicious meat barbecue and a varied buffet with all the international level specialties in a cozy environment, really deserves a stop to enjoy it. The difference that this house has in relation to other artistic presentations performed in the city is precisely the cultural ampleness, in addition to the Brazilian, Paraguayan and Argentine folklore, this show has incorporated folkloric elements from other South American, Central American and Caribbean countries. There are almost two hours of Latin American music and dance inserted by a perfect assembly, capable of getting the audience attention and pulling up the clapping in all moments. The guaranias and Paraguayan polkas deserve to be emphasized, specially the famous song "Galopera", that may leave breathless the ones who try to follow the singer. Argentines tango and malambo are not absent to this date, nor the beautiful Andean folklore from Chile up to Peru and the Mexican mariachis. In order to complete this cultural miscellany, Brazilian tradition gets evidenced in the samba, in popular music and in the "capoeira". The ease of the beautiful mulatas and the ritmistas close the scene with a lot of glamour, rhythm and sensuality. Brazilian shaking is contagious and even some clients may risk some dance steps in the room. The show is presented on a daily basis from 9:00 pm, where the passenger participates together with the artists, dancing, singing and even trying their skills.


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Plaza Foz Theatre Night Show

Your tour may be enriched with a faultless show with the intense colors of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The mutant stage accompanies each country traditions, evidenced in cloths, transparency projections, scenographic objects and instruments. The musicians are also dressed with typical costumes to accompany the dancers´ style.

The show starts with a representation of the legend of Naipi and Tarobá, natives who are protagonists of a forbidden love and ends with the typical Brazilian Samba, going through the Latin American cultures represented in their dances and songs. This show develops while we taste an excellent dinner served in our own table.


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Oba Oba Night Show

This is an Afro Brazilian show with beautiful mulatas, a lot of samba in the feet and ritmistas with the Carioca malandro shaking and first quality percussion. Only the "favelas" and the "morros" are missing in order to reproduce a little bit of Rio de Janeiro in the middle of the Triple Frontier. This lack is replaced by plenty of joy, relaxation and dance from the beginning until the end of the show.

The most outstanding moment of the party occurs obviously when the stage is transformed in a "sambódromo". Mestre sala, porta bandeira, mulatas, ritmistas, malandros and tourists that cannot follow the rhythm form part of the stage. The activity also includes tambourine jugglers, accompanied by a strong and rhythmic battery.

By its dynamism, the show is full of improvisations by its protagonists, especially when the audience is predisposed to participate of the samba. In that moment it is valid to use the seduction and curves of the mulatas in order to try to get the shyest from their chairs therefore transforming the show in a sensuality cauldron with inevitable indiscreet looks.


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